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Take my friend, Niall, who brushed out all my hair when my egg head time commenced and called me every derogatory name under the sun to make me smile.
Let them design their very own funny face eggstravaganza with Waitrose's Stas Create Your Own Easter Egg Head, pounds 11.
Dreaming of their idle cousins, Stuck in sunnier positions far away, Like the egg heads of Easter Island, Or Giza's Sphinx, with her nose in disarray.
There is even a demand for that most boring of all pastimes, the pub quiz, which kills conversation, has competitors cheating with underthe-table mobiles, and teams of egg heads touring venues to feed their egos.
Simply pick up a trail leaflet and follow the clues to find special Shakespeare egg heads hidden around the Theatre.
We'd have a cure for cancer by now if those scientists didn't sit around all day taking selfies of their big egg heads.
Besides meeting Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, foreign minister Mahmood Ali and other government functionaries, Sushma Swaraj will also interact with captains of industry, cultural icons and egg heads at various think - tanks.
He has also been on Quiz Night with Stuart Hall, and Egg Heads.
I didn't intend it just for egg heads," said Mclaren, explaining that those who have good grades aren't always the only ones who make the best use of their education.
Pick up a booklet from the leaflet racks in the theatre and follow the clues to find Shakespeare egg heads hidden around the building.
Brett Nufc Wilkes: "Everyone is working to put food on the table, yet these egg heads get rise after rise while the rest of us get pay freezes for years?
This isn't the usual university egg heads working in isolation.
EGG heads can now buy the ultimate Easter gift - but they will have to shell out pounds 350,000 for it.