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rate used to calculate tax liability

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Some GCC countries could double VAT rate to 10 per cent mainly due to discrepancy between five per cent statutory and effective tax rate, says a new study released on Sunday.
For example, the report shows that Bridgeport, Connecticut has one of the highest effective tax rates on a median valued home, while Birmingham, Alabama has one of the lowest rates.
The situation is different with high donations due to the rising effective tax rate.
Viewing tax reform through the lens of effective tax rates will highlight the inequities in the current code for all kinds of businesses--both large and small--and illustrate the need for a simplified and fairer tax system.
The tax-rate-disparity test compares the effective tax rate in the country where the sales are executed with the effective tax rate where the property is deemed to be manufactured (i.
says, "Like most companies, we are strongly influenced by tax incentives that improve our GAAP financial reporting metrics, such as our reported income, effective tax rate, and earnings per share.
corporations currently pay effective tax rates much lower than the federal statutory rate of 35% ("U.
While, on average, there is not a substantial disparity in the effective tax rates, there are wild swings from company to company, thanks to some special circumstances.
The average effective tax rate of mining multinationals in Australia is 13%, according to a study by American tax economists, Douglas Shakelford and Kevin Markle, which looked at effective tax rates faced by multinational and domestic companies around the world.
In this Commentary, the authors assess the implications of these trends for Canada's competitiveness as they update their annual survey of marginal effective tax rates in Canada and individual provinces.
Senate Committee on Finance, this report provides information on the average effective tax rates that U.
This article relies primarily on the effective tax rates computed by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
However, the effective tax rates applied to electricity cannot be less than 50% of the relevant EU minimum rates as from 1 1/1/2007
forest products companies are competitively disadvantaged by having to pay higher effective tax rates than most of our foreign competitors.
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