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rate used to calculate tax liability

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The effective rate after 24h thrombolysis also decreased gradually with the increase of HbAlc value, it reached the highest value of 64.4% at HbAlc 7.0mmol/L, as shown in Table-III.
However, Sandoval noted that it increased the effective rate for preneed plans to 0.20 percent from 0.10 percent, and also doubled the DST for certificates of damages.
Both parties have the option to extend the PSA upon mutual agreement "in the event that liquefied natural gas (LNG) becomes available." The ERC has approved an effective rate of P3.7121 per kilowatt-hour (kwh), which would result in a decrease in Meralco's generation cost by P0.0619 per kwh.
The cured rate and effective rate were combined to give the total effective rate of the clinical treatment.{Table 1}
Applying the new estimated effective rate of 30.5% to the results for the September 30, 2017 quarterly period resulted in a $1.3 million reduction in estimated taxes for that period.
The effective rate in Illinois is 3.75 percent, while the effective rate in Iowa is 4.53 percent, in Missouri 3.88 percent, in Wisconsin 4.35 percent and in Indiana 3.17 percent.
(4) Average effective rate for year; rate in effect at end of month or week.
Studies will be included if they satisfy the following criteria: diagnosed with PD (according to the Primary Dysmenorrhea Consensus Guidelines [8]); all the parallel randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of moxibustion in which there were treatment group with pure moxa stick and control group with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, or acupuncture were included; the outcomes were pain assessment (evaluation tool is visual analogue scale (VAS)), effective rate (the effectiveness was evaluated referring to "criteria of diagnosis and therapeutic effect of diseases and syndromes in traditional Chinese medicine," which is made by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.
If the effective rate becomes 16per cent to 18 per cent that would definitely be positive and bring down prices," he said.
Jaitley had expressed a desire to phase out these tax incentives while simultaneously lowering the effective rate of corporate taxes from 30 per cent to 25 per cent over a period of four years.
At a first glance, it is obvious it is a question of an increase since the policy rate, considered the basic or effective rate, has been increased.
Bank of England statistics show that the effective rate paid on households' outstanding time deposits decreased by 30bps to 1.50% in August this year, while the rate for households' new time deposits increased by 2bps to 1.53%.
With this offer, customers will get 20 bonus minutes to Pakistan every week for QR 5 which gives subscribers an effective rate of 25 Dhs per minute, saving 20 Dhs per minute on the International Saver Key rate.
With the increase in the rate of service tax to 14 per cent ( subsuming the education cesses) from June 1, the effective rate of tax works out to 5.6 per cent of the total amount of the bill.
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