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Synonyms for efficiency

Synonyms for efficiency

the quality of being efficient


the power or capacity to produce a desired result

Antonyms for efficiency

the ratio of the output to the input of any system

skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort

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A cloud-based eventing platform, Travelport Effeciency Suite is designed to take away the complexity of planning trips.
8: Effeciency of the settling-sand filteration treatment COD Lead TSS 97 99 99 81 92 86 32 60 66 78 82 83 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Mind, Wenger could salute all his team yesterday for another display of relentless effeciency.
But these two qualities were at short supply in the second game which he lost after winning the first with remarkable ease and ruthless effeciency.
ECONOMIC : Innovation Long-term employment Better quality services Products at lower prices Effeciency / productivity
EmpXtrack HRIS, Payroll, Appraisal, Goal Setting, Leave and Attendance, Expense and Personal Data Update solutions are being incorporated by the above SMEs to increase their HR effeciency.
Thus, the resonances can give a concentrated sunlight, where the energy is converted, which can be used to give a higher conversion effeciency of the sun's energy, said Peter Krogstrup, who with this discovery contributes to that the research in solar cell technology based on nanowires get a real boost.
And was ranked 5th globally in "Goods Market Effeciency," Shaikh Mohammed tweeted.
For effeciency environmental programs in the textile industry a few issues, of a great importance:
The loan will be used to enlarge and improve effeciency of the electricity