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United States astronomer who discovered that (as the universe expands) the speed with which nebulae recede increases with their distance from the observer (1889-1953)

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Caption: ENIGMATIC JEWEL Despite observations of it going back some hundreds of years, the great astronomer Edwin Hubble was the first to notice, in 1916, that this nebula varied greatly in brightness, hence its moniker.
Later, he retracted this when the work of Edwin Hubble and others pointed fairly conclusively to an expanding universe.
In the 1920s, Edwin Hubble used Cepheids to show that what was then called the Andromeda Nebula was not a nebula but rather another galaxy.
With which branch of science is Edwin Hubble associated?
Lago, an author who has explored and kayaked the Grand Canyon multiple times, relates stories from its history, such as how the Apollo astronauts hiked it in preparation for exploration of the Moon, how Edwin Hubble tested it as a site for an observatory, how Roger Miller spent a summer living in a trailer there, William Randolph Hearst's fight against the National Park Service to keep property he owned on the rim of the canyon, poets and writers like Henry Miller and Carl Sandburg who visited the canyon, the Egyptian cave myth, claims that the ancient Chinese discovered the canyon, and the story of John Hance, the canyon's first white settler.
She and colleagues confirm for an earlier period than ever before that the shapes and colors of these extremely distant young galaxies fit the visual classification system introduced in 1926 by Edwin Hubble and known as the Hubble Sequence.
In 1924 Edwin Hubble discovered that some of the nebulae that Herschel had placed in the Milky Way were actually galaxies massively far outside it.
We can thank astronomers Henrietta Leavitt and Edwin Hubble for giving us an understanding of the vast extent and scope of the universe, introducing us to the hundreds of billions of galaxies that are the basic entities of the cosmos.
We were aware of Albert Einstein and his concept of a fourth dimension, but we had no idea that Edwin Hubble was discovering that the universe is composed of millions of galaxies that are flying apart at tremendous velocities.
Later, when expansion was definitely proven by Edwin Hubble, Einstein renounced this constant as "my biggest blunder.
Hace mucho tiempo, se creia que solo habia una galaxia, a la cual pertenecia el Sistema Solar; pero en 1924, Edwin Hubble anuncio la existencia de un sistema galactico visible desde la Via Lactea.
Several decades after Edwin Hubble published his findings that the farther galaxies are drifting away faster than the nearby galaxies, Alan Goth was able to establish his Big Bang theory.
Hubble was named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble.
For comparison, consider that the famous telescope on Southern CaliforniaAAEs Mount Wilson, with which Edwin Hubble made some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, had a mirror slightly larger than 8 feet across.
The astronomer usually credited for the discovery that the Universe is expanding, Edwin Hubble, was not in fact the first astronomer to provide observational evidence of an expansion.