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someone belonging to (or as if belonging to) the era of Edward VII

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They can enjoy sipping champagne whilst knowing that they are helping the city's museums, as all profits from the Edwardian Tearooms go to support Birmingham Museums Trust.
Gentlemen should dress in suitable Edwardian attire and ladies are expected to put on their posh frocks or tea dresses for the dance.
There's also the opportunity to find traditional presents at eight Edwardian market stalls, in the Co-op shops and at the Beamish Gift Shop.
The Christmas tree was highly popular by Edwardian times, having been introduced to England by Queen Victoria''s German husband, Prince Albert.
Another clue is the group of trees to the right, which are not apparent in photographs that are from the Edwardian era, suggesting a later date.
Early policing and forensics methods are discussed, as well as life in Victorian and Edwardian London.
30pm as they gather for a simply superb Edwardian Christmas house party.
WAKE-UP CALL: The Radisson Edwardian is at Peter St, Manchester.
One of these was dancer and actress Gabrielle Ray, one of the most popular subjects on Edwardian picture postcards.
Cuming was an eccentric man, worthy to be the hero of an Edwardian novel and he left behind him a legacy of service and loyalty, very Edwardian, not to say, traditionally English, virtues.
Even as matters stand, the aspiring researcher can learn, or confirm, a great many details about Edwardian society, especially about property ownership and tenancy.
TRAINER Amanda Perrett yesterday warned that leading Tote Trifecta November Handicap candidate Edwardian is not a certain runner.
Conversion of an Edwardian house into a Modernist inspired dwelling reinvents family tradition and asserts delight in luminance, materials and detailing.
Guys who did their own thing included Dennis Rodman, who looked like he was going as a character out of ``Alice in Wonderland'' in a blue Edwardian ensemble with top hat; Billy Bob Thornton, who wore a western bolo tie with his tux; and Kevin Spacey, who wore a long velvet tuxedo coat by Armani with black shirt and black bow tie.
In addition to the ITC Stone family, the OpenType edition of the ITC library features such best-selling designs as the ITC Franklin Gothic(TM), ITC Officina(R) Sans and ITC Conduit(R) text families, and the ITC Edwardian Script(TM) and ITC Bradley Hand(TM) display designs.