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English theologian who (with John Henry Newman and John Keble) founded the Oxford movement (1800-1882)

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In 1870, the conservative Anglican Edward Pusey wrote to his former colleague and leader of the Oxford Movement, John Henry Newman, now for some twenty-five years a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
This doctrine, shaped by the teachings of Saint Augustine and heavily influenced by such key Tractarians as Edward Pusey and Robert Isaac Wilberforce, is, like Goblin Market itself, a bewildering and eroticized combination of the physical and the spiritual.
In addition, he addresses the thought of other Tractarians, such as John Keble and Edward Pusey, and includes a brief investigation of Newman's family life.
Edward Pusey, who was born on the estate, was a son of the first Viscount Folkestone, taking the Pusey name on his succession in the mid-19th century.
4), and he found in the case of Philip Pusey, the brother of the Tractarian leader Edward Pusey, at least one man who had been moved by it.