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United States dramatist (1928-)

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Michael McKean wrote: 'There was only one Edward Albee.
And here we have the plot development that tells us we're not at some conventional domestic drama that will resolve itself tragically (or even comically), but rather are witnessing the type of existential mystery that can never be resolved--the kind of brilliantly constructed if ultimately unfathomable play that only Edward Albee can get away with writing.
provides a companion to the works of playwright Edward Albee (b.
The essays on William Inge, Edward Albee, and Tony Kushner demonstrate how Tennessee Williams' representation of homosexuality on stage blazed a trail followed by others, and, conversely, how the later Williams was himself influenced by the continued developments wrought by Inge and Albee.
The focus is on the experience and perception of homosexuality in life theatre with the expert and personal contributions of Edward Albee, Kate Bornstein, Richard Bracho, Bree Coven, Terry Galloway, Cherry Jones, Lisa Kron, Craig Lucas, Tim Miller, Cherrie Moraga, Jim Provenzano, Peggy Shaw, George C.
Previous award recipients include such luminaries as Edward Albee, Alan Alda, Lauren Bacall, Alec Baldwin, Louis Begley, Chuck Close, Cy Coleman, Willem de Kooning, Eric Fischl, Jane Freilicher, April Gornik, Sheldon Harnick, Billy Joel, Sidney Lumet, Itzhak Perlman, Cindy Sherman, Steven Spielberg, Robert A.
At the Edward Albee Last Frontier Theatre Conference in 2002 in Valdez, Alaska, Wilson talked about the characters he created.
Edward Albee plays a miniature piano in his living room.
The event, featuring daily play readings, panel discussions, master classes and evening performances, was begun by three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee and college President Jo Ann C.
Edward Albee wrote the play "Tiny Alice" some years ago that raised the hackles of the Catholic bishops.
Edward Albee was directing the play, and after my audition, apparently, he scribbled "very Lolita" on a note pad.
Most importantly, they utilize dramatic narrative as a necessary substitution for deconstructing notions of "objective" historical proclamation (an objective hegemony they associate with a dominant white culture) and instead assign for African-American playwrights and performers the titles of historian, critic, and subject traditionally associated with non-African-American voices such as Bertold Brecht, William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Edward Albee, Henry David Hwang, Tony Kushner, and others.
Cerca de cumplir los setenta anos el destacado autor norteamericano Edward Albee (Washington, 1928) vuelve a su epoca de madurez creativa, si bien el teatro estadunidense de las decadas de los cincuenta y sesenta no podria ser entendido sin la participacion de tan transcendental dramaturgo.
Despite wealthy adoptive parents who sent him to exclusive schools like Choate, Valley Forge, and Trinity College, playwright Edward Albee didn't have an easy start.
American Dream, The One-act drama by Edward ALBEE, published in 1959 (with The Zoo Story) and first produced in 1961.