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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Education

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the position of the head of the Education Department

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In response to concerns raised that the Office for National Statistics might reclassify universities, the Education Secretary confirmed that the Scottish Government had considered this and were confident that the proposals are compliant with the indicators of government control employed by ONS in making determinations.
In the letter, he called the opportunity to serve as education secretary "the greatest honor of my life.
Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell said last night the crisis is "threatening standards and damaging children's education".
The Education Secretary confirmed a Conservative pre-election pledge to open 500 new free schools over the next five years, insisting they will help to give all pupils a good education.
The draft speech was sent to axed free school architect Michael Gove but not the Education Secretary.
More than 50 children wrote to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan after her announcement that Durham Free School would close.
He hit out after Education Secretary Nicky Morgan told MPs she was confident the problems exposed by inquiries into the Trojan Horse affair could not happen again.
But we can think of no better choice for education secretary as 2015 dawns.
This is the result of a dramatic increase in powers over education during the past 25 years that are now in the hands of central government in general and the Education Secretary in particular.
She told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: "We've seen the Education Secretary apologise, the special adviser to the Home Secretary resign, but we've so far heard nothing from the Home Secretary even though it looks pretty clear that she has breached the ministerial code by writing and then authorising the publication of this letter.
In a letter to the Education Secretary, Mrs May said concerns had been raised about the "inability" of local and central government to tackle the problem.
Members of the National Union of Teachers in England and Wales will walK out on March 26 after accusing Education Secretary Michael Gove of "persistent refusals" to address their complaints.
Education Secretary Michael Gove says plans to bring back two-year A-levels will allow students to "develop a better understanding of their subject".
The Education Secretary said he would like to see all students sit O-level-style exams at some point.
Education Secretary Michael Gove is hardly the first Government minister to execute a partial U-turn after criticising a local council.
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