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the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education (including federal aid to educational institutions and students)

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Schools minister David Miliband denied any plans to take up the idea put forward by an Education Department official.
Benjamin adds, "They came about partly because of a request from the State Education Department for us to consider sharing information with them about members under investigation.
We held a meeting with the Education Department where we did discuss a complete ban on under-fives.
is Professor, Special Education Department, Portland State University.
5 billion to $4 billion in new waste and fraud, according to reports by the GAO and the Education Department.
Ironically, in a postscript to the statement on NIE's abolition, Bennett added that the Education Department also intends to seek legislative authority to rename the Office of Educational Research and Improvement.
More than 30,000 copies of the publication entitled salient features of the treaty on children's rights, will be distributed in 1,600 schools in the province," said Humaidan Al-Bugami, member of the human rights committee and director of legal affairs at the education department in Riyadh.
Since 1996, the education department has received 155 inquiries and 26 applications requesting $384.
Others complained that neither the Education Department nor CCAP told them of delays in title searches, an issue because some HBCUs didn't get property deeds from their founders back in the 1800s.
1 -- color) Walkers and runners circle the Rio Norte Junior High track on Wednesday to raise money for the school's physical education department.
The plan lays out seven action steps that Patrick hopes everyone from the education department, to state education departments, to district administrators and building principals will use as a framework for assessing where they are and where they need to go.
Apparently the report was delivered to education department officials in June.
After the amendment the NYS Education Department appointed an Industry Advisory Council to help develop guidelines and procedures to deal with possible abuse of the Regents Rule.
THE education department of Warwickshire County Council has been hailed by government inspectors as a shining example.
PARENTS slammed the Education Department yesterday for failing to carry out repairs to a rundown school.
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