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a member of a west African people living in the tropical forest region of southern Nigeria

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the capital and largest city of Japan

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He sees this trend as part of the larger process whereby Edo evolved from shogunal headquarters into a city dominated by its commoners.
A revisionist treatment might link them to dissimilarities of urban social disorder and political jockeying, as well as to the differences in physical and cultural trends that characterized the two cities from the early eighteenth century until the 1860s, when Edo found itself thrown again into an open-ended context, with effects that still reverberate today, as evidenced by the modern history and present character and roles of the two cities.
This communication is being made in respect of the proposed merger involving EDO and ITT Corporation.
EDO and its directors and executive officers may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from EDO's shareholders with respect to the proposed merger.
Another key product at this business unit is the Joint Enhanced Core Communication System (JECCS) which EDO is also producing for the Marine Corps.
The acquisition of IST doubles the scope of our business with the intelligence community and adds important new technologies," said EDO Chief Executive Officer James M.
EDO will provide engineering design, in-service engineering, and depot maintenance and repair for a range of mine countermeasure systems.
EDO will work directly with the Air Launched Munitions Integrated Project Team.
EDO will produce composite Variable Bleed Valve ducts for the GEnx engine using specialized composite braiding and resin-transfer-molding technologies.
EDO will purchase all of the outstanding shares of the company for $124 million, consisting of a cash payment of $106 million and an $18 million promissory note to be paid over three years.
The BRU-55, produced by EDO, is a critical force multiplier in the delivery of smart weapons and is critical to the Global War on Terrorism.
EDO Corporation (NYSE: EDO) and Terma A/S have been selected by the Danish Air Force to deliver Enhanced Smart Triple Ejector Racks (ESTER) in support of the European Participating Air Forces (EPAF) F-16 M5 Mid-Life Update program.
EDO currently serves the Marine Corps with two battlefield communications projects, JECCS and TSM, as well as professional services such as support of the Warfighting Laboratory at Quantico.
NEW YORK & LYSTRUP, Denmark -- EDO Corporation (NYSE: EDO) and Terma A/S have entered into a teaming agreement to jointly develop an Enhanced Smart Triple Ejector Rack (ESTER) to be used on the F-16.
NEW YORK -- EDO Corporation (NYSE: EDO) has manufactured a prototype engine-inlet duct using a low-cost VaRTM (Vacuum-assisted Resin Transfer Molding) and braiding process under the auspices of the Air Force Composite Affordability Initiative (CAI) program.