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United States poet (1892-1950)

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McClatchy has done yeoman's work with both selection and editing, and Library of America was right to inaugurate its American Poets Project with Edna St.
In the introduction, she writes: "There was no train American poetess Edna St.
Amy Lowell, Gertrude Stein, Ruth Pitter, Djuna Barnes, Mina Loy, Marianne Moore, Edna St.
I greatly enjoyed Cristina Nehring's article on Edna St.
She demonstrates she nearly always has done her homework, unearthing, for instance, that Nancy Boyd is an Edna St.
The Millay Myth considers two new biographical works about the mercurial Edna St.
And in the end what we get is a richly complex picture of Edna St.
How can you keep all that tension on the emotional string without stiffening into routines of feeling or, as poet Edna St.
When she had been working in the Scholar's Room at the New York Public Library on the Medici biography, she met other authors: Susan Brownmiller, working on Against Our Will; Bob Caro, finishing up The Power Broker; Joe Lash, doing his Roosevelt books; and Nancy Milford, researching Edna St.
ranges from the earliest recorded lesbian verse by, you guessed it, Sappho to modern pieces by the likes of Elsa Gidlow and Edna St.
Nicholas Marinoff, 13, volunteered to recite ``Travel'' by Edna St.
In 1960 she wrote and starred in a one-woman play about one of her favorite writers, Edna St.
What may have challenged Porter more, as she tried to create verse qua verse, was the modern female tradition exemplified by Edna St.
The League of Young Contributors," established at the turn of the century, also encouraged female writers by publishing the youthful works of Edna St.