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king of the English who led resistance to Canute but was defeated and forced to divide the kingdom with Canute (980-1016)


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Caption: ABOVE LEFT: General Edmund Ironside, the commanding general of the Expeditionary Force, inspecting Dyer's Battalion, Slavo-British Legion, Archangel, 1919.
Unremarked by scholars is the fact that Titus Andronicus, along with I Henry VI to a lesser extent, is the linchpin on which Eric Sams's argument that Edmund Ironside was written by Shakespeare and that Edward III is entirely Shakespeare's depends.
The Reign of King Edward the Third (1596) is the second play that Dr Sams has authenticated as early Shakespeare, the first being Edmund Ironside in 1985.
In fact, on the basis of primogeniture, the royal succession in England should have passed on the death of King Edmund Ironside in 1016 to his sons Edmund (who died without issue) and Edward, and on Edward's death in 1057 to his son, Edgar the Aetheling and after Edgar's death (without issue) in 1125 to his nephew, David 1, King of Scots.
A granddaughter of Edmund Ironside, celebrated for her piety, she was canonised long afterwards in 1250.
and given the possible answers a) Edward the Elder b) Edward the Confessor c) Edmund Ironside or d) Edward the Martyr.
Dr Hope avers that my 1985 edition of Edmund Ironside (the 1986 update has been missed or ignored), savours of Baconian monomania which has discouraged 'serious work' on that play.
Was it a) Edward the Elder b) Edward the Confessor c) Edmund Ironside or d) Edward the Martyr?
This relates to St Margaret of Scotland, Queen of Scotland and a grand- daughter of Edmund Ironside.