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an article giving opinions or perspectives

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Editorial acceptances and cheques were all the amelioratives I needed.
And thereupon he would get out one or another of his manuscripts, such as "Adventure," and read it over and over in a vain attempt to vindicate the editorial silence.
His journalistic style was climbing, stead- ily; it was already up to the back settlement Alabama mark, and couldn't be told from the editorial output of that region either by matter or flavor.
She could do good, if not noble, work as a teacher; and the success her little sketches were beginning to meet with in certain editorial sanctums augured well for her budding literary dreams.
Dashwoods's editorial gravity relaxed into a smile, for Jo had forgotten her `friend', and spoken as only an author could.
Such trifles do escape the editorial mind, it is said.
The hard copy era is over now and from now on all the manuscripts and editorials will be available online as it was since the last 5 years.
The latest award, which comes at an epochal moment as the paper approaches 70 years of consistent professionalism and pace-setting in media standards, shows convincingly that Tribune editorials are reshaping public discourse and contributing to the search for a better Nigeria.
The present research addresses this problem by investigating the linguistic variation of Pakistani English newspaper editorials (Pak.
We want to write our own editorials. That's ideally what the situation would be."
The editorials of these newspapers papers would deal with the issue in terms of both quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
What worked: Created a poll with the most controversial political races and ballot measures, entitled "Vote here: Your turn to endorse candidates" We posted it on our blog with a link to our endorsements and attached it to each of our editorials. It helped to introduce new readers to our blog.
In an editorial in a trade press targeting the newspaper business, Joe Strupp opines that if gays and lesbians took "their battle for true equality to the streets in huge numbers," our cause might become a "priority" in newspaper editorials.