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an article giving opinions or perspectives

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Also, the winning and losing of sports helps build emotional resilience that carries over to other areas of life, the editorialists added.
Editorialists agree with this concern and point out that a conclusive large randomized trial assessing HT's impact on AD is unlikely to be performed.
"It is critical, however, that screening for abuse be conducted with careful attention to confidentiality, safety, and respect for individual self-determination in documentation and follow-up intervention," the editorialists wrote.
The editorialists disclosed support from the Robert and Lynne Grossman Family Foundation, the Michael and Patricia Booker Melanoma Research Endowment, Melanoma Institute Australia, the Deborah and John McMurtrie Melanoma Institute Australia Pathology Fellowship, and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Fellowship.
By targeting kids, the idea of breaking with a reflex that is so costly for the community is pertinent and should be supported by all the citizens, most of whom are parents, the editorialist argues.
Without an established press, decry the editorialists, what becomes of the First Amendment (and our salaries)?
Although these findings provide some evidence of safety for hormone therapy in BRCA1 carriers, editorialists Dr.
Profuse with examples by writers ranging from Francis Bacon and Winston Churchill, to Albert Einstein and George Orwell, "A Thinker's Guide To Effective Writing" is a complete course of easily assimilated and practical instruction that is particularly recommended to the attention of students, aspiring authors, educators, editors, editorialists, journalists, attorneys, and anyone else who needs to communicate by writing whether it be on paper or on computer.
For auto workers who have spent years seething at arrogant newspaper editorialists who celebrated the offshoring of factory jobs, help--no, make that revenge--may be on the way.
Read what editorialists said about the British before the War of 1812, what people wrote about abolitionists and suffragettes and trade unionists and civil rights activists.
Sidarth, which included calling college student "Macaca" and uttering "welcome to America," spread like wildfire on both Internet video sites and cable news outlets and drew widespread criticism from editorialists and Allen foes alike.
One would think the editorialists at the Calgary Herald would know this.
Bush leaves Washington for his annual month-long vacation in Texas, editorialists pine for the days when the average American could kick back for a marathon holiday.
The Arkansas Republican Assembly, which calls itself "the Republican wing of the Republican party," also opposes the bond issue--apparently unashamed to be in agreement with the anything-but-Republican editorialists of the Arkansas Times.
Isn't this quite presumptuous on the part of these editorialists? Do they think they have more knowledge than we do?