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English poet (1887-1964)

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Eliot similarly dismisses Georgian Poetry, 1916-1917, edited by Edward March, while identifying possibilities in the poets of Wheels: A Second Cycle, edited by Edith Sitwell.
I like quite bohemian-type clothes so I suppose someone like poet Edith Sitwell.
En las fotografias se leve compartiendo risas con Carson McCullers, Karen Blixen y, muy especialmente, con Edith Sitwell.
He did many portraits of his close friend Lady Caroline Paget and others in London society such as Cecil Beaton and Edith Sitwell.
That with Guinness is based on Waugh's diaries and letters as well as the biography and memoirs of Guinness and a biography of Edith Sitwell.
It is believed that Dame Edith Sitwell compiled part of her Facade collection of poems at the property while living there.
The book also has stated that she was fond of the mystical poet Edith Sitwell and the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, who was a regular and favoured guest.
We do however find some reference to Britten's thoughts about his creative development in a letter of April 1955 to Edith Sitwell (no.
In this respect, Fox reminds us of Edith Sitwell in her introduction to Swinburne: A Selection (1960), which Fox mentions in his article (p.
Next: a framed photograph of Dame Edith Sitwell on the Federal-style mantelpiece, gazing into the room with the imperious glance of Minerva; and hung on the wall above, an oil painting of a young man who could have posed as the callow Malcolm from Purdy's novel of that name, his first.
So too have some scholars taken as genuine the prefaces Iris forged over the names of Edith Sitwell, Woodrow Wilson, and W.
Cocurated by Paul Edwards and Richard Humphreys, this wonderful, tightly focused, and intimately installed exhibition surveyed Lewis's often theatrical, highly stylized portraits and self-portraits, and located the artist's own chameleon-like persona amid key figures of the modernist avant-garde--James Joyce, Edith Sitwell, T.
Laurence Olivier, Edith Sitwell and Maria Callas were some of Walton's famous visitors, coming to recharge their creative batteries.
Only in the portrait of Edith Sitwell are the hands wilfully omitted, her arms terminating in tapering tubes of red and yellow fabric: a cruel irony given that her hands were the only part of her anatomy of which she was proud.
From Edith Sitwell to Amy Winehouse, the unconventional women of our shores take risks, break rules, and inspire controversy and admiration in equal measure.