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United States writer and poet (1809-1849)


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Rebecca Lovell talks to LUKE BEARDSWORTH about touring and being a descendant of Edgar Allen Poe
Worcester, hosts a spooky and thoughtful afternoon with Paul Macek, author of "Illustrated History of Edgar Allen Poe.
Enjoy spine-tingling stories for adults as Lewis performs classic Halloween pieces by Edgar Allen Poe, Alfred Noyes and others.
Knowledge of the work of Edgar Allen Poe is useful, if not essential.
The Domain of Arnheim (1847) by Edgar Allen Poe (BookSurge, 5.
One could argue that this trend has continued with other historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allen Poe in computer games, movies, and fiction.
Busch's Howl-0-Scream has all the fun of their super fast and scary coasters - bad enough in sunlight - by dark, but has some great haunted house experiences, including a scary maze, with scary zones based on vampires, Edgar Allen Poe, death row prisoners and creepy toys.
Here we have The Tragedy of Salome, a real spectacular, a setting of Psalm 47 with soloist and chorus and Le Palasi Hante inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.
Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and many others are among my favourites,o she added.
The winners of the annual Edgar Allen Poe awards have been announced by the Mystery Writers of America at its 64th Gala Banquet, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, New York City.
Habitat affiliate for five years and the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, Va.
The Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Allen Poe Awards for adults are listed on page 13.
Famous author Edgar Allen Poe was often so poor that he lived for weeks at a time on bread and molasses.
More than 30 current and former members turned out for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Golo Lono Neai Book Club of Baltimore, Maryland, last October 29, held at the Edgar Allen Poe Room of Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library.
After walking through another arched doorway, patrons will enter a modern lobby, then either take the elevator or climb up a carved granite circular staircase which bears the echoes of centuries past and projects the slightly haunted atmosphere of an Edgar Allen Poe story.