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having lost teeth

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The use of dental implants in the partial and complete edentulism has become the primary treatment regimen in the modern dentistry [9].
For instance, edentulism has declined by 10 percent in each of the past three decades.
In participants with seropositive RA there was a stronger association with dental health status, in particular with edentulism (OR 4.
Association of edentulism and diet and nutrition in US adults.
In fact, the prevalence of edentulism among Swedes aged 25 to 74 declined from 19% in 1975 to 3% in 1996/1997 (Osterberg et al.
Edentulism (having no teeth) is no longer acceptable to disabled people and their families.
These changes include improved prevention of caries; a lower incidence of periodontal disease than had been projected; and a decline in tooth loss and edentulism (Brown, 1989).
The Polish dental implant market has great potential for future growth due to increasing awareness of implants, high edentulism rates and the country's population.
Complications that may occur in an OSA patient include chronic mouth breathing, sleep-related gastroesophageal reflux, sleep bruxism and edentulism.
With rising incidences of tooth caries and other periodontal conditions, there is an overall increase in edentulism globally.
Previous research has shown that rates of edentulism have declined, particularly among the geriatric population (Cunha-Cruz, Hujoel, and Nadanovsky 2007; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] 2010).