biogeographical region

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an area of the Earth determined by distribution of flora and fauna

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LandBank may also provide financing even for investors utilizing private lands for ecozone projects.
Most, if not all, countries now are building ecozones and are coming up with incentives packages that will attract investors to locate to their countries,' she said.
In essence, the lending facility would provide stakeholders with the initial push needed to develop ecozones, such as help in building main roads.
Dominguez said the community ecozone in Marawi will not supply large companies, but would primarily serve as a tool to help open economic opportunities for its struggling residents.
Very little knowledge is available on small rodent mammals inhabiting thorn scrub vegetation, natural forests, inter-mountainous ecozones, range and desert lands of Pakistan (Roberts, 1997; Mirza, 1969).
From the 1700s until the mid-1940s, caribou migrated from wintering areas in the Hudson Bay Lowland Ecoregion and Boreal Shield Ecozone to summering areas as far east as Cape Henrietta Maria and Akimiski Island (Lytwyn, 2002; Magoun et al.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Research Branch, Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research and Environment Canada, State of the Environment Directorate, Ecozone Analysis Branch, Ottawa/Hull.
The Coastal Swordtail is a butterfly from the Afrotropic ecozone.
The arachnid harvestmen ("daddy long-legs") of Genus Leiobunum (Koch 1839; 1848) (Opiliones: Sclerosomatidae) are nearly ubiquitous animals within various natural and urban mesic habitats of the Holarctic ecozone (Giribet & Kury 2007), including the species-rich Leiobuninae assemblages of the eastern and central United States and Canada (Ingianni et al.
Save 30 per cent on drying time and energy with these Ecozone Dry Cubes.
Ecological distributions of Chaoborus species in small, shallow lakes from the Canadian Boreal Shield ecozone.
This finding is of special interest because Hyalomma marginatum, the main tick vector in the western Paleartic (an ecozone that includes temperate and cold areas of Eurasia and North Africa and several archipelagos and islands in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), is common throughout the Mediterranean Basin (7), where clinical cases of the disease or the virus have not been reported.
Because the environmental conditions specific to a given ecozone have been shown to be major influence on the nature and timing of decomposition it is crucial that a baseline of data be established for the potentially wide range of habitats encountered (Mann et al.
Therefore, it is possible that one ecotype is better adapted to one ecozone than another.