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This is not only the expression of the dominant position of this trend in the developed West in general, in the international financial and economic organizations (IMF, IBRD, EBRD) in particular, but also a result of the mutation character of the changes in the former communist countries and the nature of this mutation--abandoning command economy system to the benefit of market economy which, inherently, has predetermined the manifestation of such an extreme position (Pilat, 1991: 21).
We averaged about 37mpg, some way off the stated combined figure possibly but it does not have a stop/start economy system to assist it stretch those figures.
Information subs tractions for facilitating in the knowledge-based economy, reconstruct economy system for preparing appropriate bed, economy provision packages for knowledge-based activities and reviewing related management challenges in Macroeconomics management tools and management.
Dhif pointed out that this structure will also conduct mid-term and long-term analytical studies to reinforce the national economy's integration in the international markets' dynamics, achieve economic balance and lend the required interest to the environmental aspect in the economy system.
Interest-free economy should be introduced and steps being taken according to the Islamic economy system to improve the economy of the country", Baloch demanded.
Asked what should be considered as top priority for the Cypriot economy, Passarides noted that Cyprus should regain the confidence of the international economy system.
The forum will discuss the role of charity work and social responsibility in international development, the interaction between education and technology, the ethical behavior, the role of Zakat and Awqaf in the building of an alternative Islamic economy system.
Setting up an Islamic bank with Islamic money can be one of the ways to reform the global economy system and we believe that the IDB experience is a very good and its realm of operation should further expand," Ahmadinejad said during the meeting in Tehran on Saturday.
There have been increasing signs in recent months that North Korea virtually ditched its planned economy system and state rationing to inaugurate freer management policies under the new regime of Kim Jong-un as a way to fix its moribund economy.
The economy suffered for years under a strict Communist government and command economy system but has seen piecemeal liberalization since 1986.
The economy system of a society is built from a set of organizing productive activities, in order to achieve the satisfaction of the needs of the whole, in terms of available resources.
Furthermore, we will take actions and measures to engage Mekong region countries in the global market economy system.
In addition to establishing the causes of inertia of collectivistic mentality, the research focused on determining the necessary preconditions for development of its individualistic form in the milieu of expanding market economy system.
So much so, I was happy he was elected as I was under the illusion that he would help improve his new comrades' very limited understanding of the market economy system and raise the standard of economic debate in the legislature.
Stable European and American systems would offer a useful menu to the rest of the world that collectively has only a short history of a market economy system.