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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991


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The economic product has been control of agricultural land, water, and important sectors of the economy.
"Since oil is an economic product and the activities of OPEC are of economic nature, Iran's least expectation is that the OPEC members would issue a communique in support of Tehran against the unilaterally imposed western sanctions."
Economic competition is founded on social order, and order is not an economic product. It is a political practice.
scientists to their inventions, a large map with windows showing the primary economic product of each state and an electronic game board that lights up when the founding fathers are correctly matched to their accomplishments.
Right before our eyes the greatest educational system in the Western hemisphere, the California system of interlocking public universities, state college and junior colleges, is being destroyed by a conservative scorched earth strategy, even though the UC system is the major engine for research and development in the state of California, whose national economic product ranks seventh or eighth in the world.
It has an effective role in encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises, establishing companies and training young entrepreneurs to benefit from economic conditions and increase job opportunities and economic product.
Existing channeling doctrines do not capture this form of overlap because it arises not from an attempt to claim multiple rights for the same features, but from the use of different rights regimes to protect different aspects of a single economic product or service.
"China experienced rapid population growth in the 18th century and in most of the 20th century, which was, from the point of view of increasing the economic product and also the per capita economic product in China, probably a useful thing.
But its true value lies in the overview it provides of the Italian television environment as each issue covered is discussed in relation to audience reception and the market; and the notion that television fiction is an economic product rather than an art form is inherent throughout the book.
Mechatronics uses the synergistic combination of mechanical precision engineering, electronic control and understanding of the system in the design stage to obtain a compact and economic product.
Even early last century, when England was still the global superpower with a vastly greater trade than China's, the Chinese economic product was larger than the British.
Wine corks are, by far, the most important economic product of the cork forests.
The accompanying tables analyze the level of total and per capita gross economic product (GNP), the economic structures of the nation or region expressed in terms of percentage shares of GNP by type of expenditure and gross value added by kind of economic activity, an analysis of economic development expressed in terms of the real growth of GNP and its components by type of expenditure and kind of economic activity, and an analysis of price development expressed in terms of implicit price deflators of GNP.
That is, educating tastes to the need for a shift, at a global scale, away from the reliance on economic growth as we know it, toward redistribution of the economic product and consequent stability of the greater ecosystem.
Of the state's gross annual economic product of $963.5 billion dollars, this New York State contributes less than half.
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