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a libertarian who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state

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While Donald Trump is an unreliable and often inconsistent messenger, the positions he declared in his populist rallies and candidate debates point to outright repudiation of the main commitments of the first two "legs" of the American conservative stool--namely, economic libertarianism and vigorous internationalism.
At its heart, the Tea Party is the strongest political manifestation of economic libertarianism since the New Deal.
Milton Friedman, the 1960s guru of economic libertarianism, coined the term `the tyranny of democracy', presenting the argument that 50 percent plus one in the community can impose its will on the rest.
So there, you see, I was subjected," Rusher says, "to all three of the tributaries of what became the conservative movement in the mid-1950s: the economic libertarianism of Hayek, the traditionalism of Kirk, and the anticommunism of Chambers.
Is it conceivable that we have entered a time when religious fundamentalism coupled with the amorality of extreme forms of economic libertarianism threaten to wipe out our Alexandrian libraries of humanist enterprise?
Political rhetoric has a way of turning against those who wield it; cultural libertarianism from the left prepares the ground for economic libertarianism from the right.