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the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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Ecologism posits that the non-human world is worthy of moral consideration, and therefore should be taken into account in social, economic and political systems (Baxter, 1999).
Technological optimism, sustainable development, ecologism, social construction of technological change, technological change modelling
Today the typical idealist espouses a special brand of ecologism and has very ambitious plans for cleaning up the planet.
Accordingly, this study places the preschool program dirtgirlworld within the context of developing movements in ecologism, including distribution as a way of opening up the field of media research to an active engagement with developing shifts in the media industries that form and take shape in response to climate-change conditions.
Others lament that environmental justice has become a practical political expression of both the social justice principle of ecologism and the socialist critique of environmentalists as middle-class elitists.
Justice ecologism under global warming', New Political Science, 31(2), pp.
However, both Bakhtin and Joyce go beyond organicism to something more like 'intertextual ecologism,' seeing textual productions across vast expanses of time and geography as being analogous to the functioning of dynamically evolving ecosystems, rather than discrete, finite organisms.
His life and activities are discussed in relation to the history of ecologism and the green movement, agrarian history, youth movements in the UK and Germany, the folk dance and music revival, the study of D.
Yet these claims about the innate ecologism of Indigenous peoples coexist with what the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene novelist and poet Sherman Alexie calls the advocacy by numerous Indigenous writers and scholars of a kind of "Native American sovereignty [that] is expressed in terms of casinos, cigarettes, fireworks .
403-08), and the relationship between anarchism and ecologism, indicate the richness and depth of much of the classical anarchist canon.
For these reasons, and to confront residual models such as conservationism or hegemonic models such as 'sustainable development', the emergence of a critical ecologism that foregrounds the extricable link between environmental struggle and the theoretical and practical questioning of capitalism, becomes ever more necessary.
The five themes, applied to the climate debate, are highly suggestive of an open-ended means of operationalising ecologism with socialism.
As Andrew Dobson suggests, Limits "is hard to beat as a symbol for the birth of ecologism in its contemporary guise," and the report has had a major impact on the discourse of ecology and planetary health in subsequent decades.
Politically, May '68 marked the beginning of the end of Marxism, with Maoism and the "boutique" movements of the early seventies (feminism, ecologism, "Third Worldism") left glowing like embers of a dying fire.
Autogestion, anti-militarism, ecologism, squatters' associations, gay rights and feminism, immigrant organizations, new forms of regionalism and religious activity were among the movements that emerged out of 1968.