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determining the location of something by measuring the time it takes for an echo to return from it

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Jamie, from Ashford, Kent, has been working with US-based echo location guru Daniel Kish - who lost his sight when he was just 13 months.
Combining echo location with his cane, Samuel began making his way to the letter box near our home in Poole, Dorset, and navigating supermarket aisles.
These new structures have replaced the hedges that, ecologists believe, bats would follow using echo location to find their way to and from their roosts.
The students led other classes and parents on tours through the whale, explaining to them concepts such as echo location.
I was inspired by a television special on echo location," Struebing said.
Meanwhile, Marlin and Nemo abide by Dory's mantra - "Just keep swimming" - and enlist help from wise-cracking sea lions Fluke (Idris Elba) and Rudder (Dominic West), near-sighted whale shark Destiny (Kaitlin Olson) and a beluga whale called Bailey (Ty Burrell), who has lost his echo location as the result of a concussion.
The furry creatures up in the rafters, at least, could read the captions by echo location.