Ecballium elaterium

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Mediterranean vine having oblong fruit that when ripe expels its seeds and juice violently when touched

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The effect of sex steroids on the production of flowers was reported for Ecballium elaterium, where the application of estrogens (estrone, estriol, 17[beta]-estradiol) considerably affected the total number of flowers and increased the ratio of female to male flowers.
Pollinator biodiversity and floral resource use in Ecballium elaterium (Cucurbitaceae), a Mediterranean endemic.
The media supplemented with BA alone or in combination with NAA were better for callus induction from seedling explants of Ecballium elaterium (Attard and Scicluna-Spiteri, 2001).
Foraging behavior of three bee species in a natural mimicry system: female flowers which mimic male flowers in Ecballium elaterium (Cucurbitaceae).
Genetic variation in Ecballium elaterium (Cucurbitaceae): breeding system and geographic distribution.
These results were supported by Attard and Spiteri who demonstrated that media containing 5 mg/L NAA did not support to induce high percentage of callus in Ecballium elaterium [8].
Tambien trabajos como el actual permiten poner de manifiesto especies de interes provincial, bien por ser novedades provinciales (Ammi majus), bien por haber sido muy poco citadas (Astragalus cymbaecarpos, Ecballium elaterium subsp.
2000 Bessey ex Britton Cucurbitaceae Cucumis myriocarpus Naudin 2004 Pp Ecballium elaterium (L.
In Wurmbea dioica (Barrett 1992) and Ecballium elaterium (Costich 1995), dioecious populations are associated with dry sites while monomorphic (cosexual) populations tend to occur on wetter, more favorable sites.
Here I compare the effects of two breeding systems, dioecy and monoecy, on reproductive characters and life histories of two subspecies of the Mediterranean cucurbit, Ecballium elaterium.