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strong coarse brandy

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To have a well-rounded collection, Gabrynowicz suggests including an eau-de-vie made from your favorite fruit; apple, pear, grape and peach.
Remy is known for its fine champagne cognacs, meaning its eau-de-vie more than 700 of which were blended for Remy Martin Extra--come from the prized Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne growing areas within Cognac.
You can have anything from breakfast in the vineyard and tours of the cellars, to a workshop when you actually get to blend some of the precious eau-de-vie to make your own cognac, followed by an extravagant dinner in Le Grollet - the family residence.
Choose from an elegant pear-in-the-bottle eau-de-vie from Oregon (the secret: the bottle is tied onto the pear blossom and the fruit grows inside) to a vibrant and very Californian green tea-infused vodka.
The new Cuban rum is made with syrup derived from Cuban sugar cane and submitted to controlled distillation until a nice eau-de-vie is obtained, from which the rum is manufactured, then aged in white oak barrels.
While in the southern plains of Austria we were treated to a tour and tasting of Herr Golles's incredible selection of vinegars and eau-de-vie style schnaps-not the fruity liquor you may have sucked down in college.
The eau-de-vie is made from very pure and clean spirits and it has its own distinct fruit character.
Bonny Doon produces five distilled spirits, a Grappa di Moscato, a Grappa di Niagara, Cherise, and eau-de-vie of cherry, Poire, a pear eau-de-vie and Prunus, which Grahm calls an acquavit.
The first heating produces a milky brouil-lis, and the second a colourless eau-de-vie. Only the heart is used, with the "head" and "tail" returned to the next batch.
Tecno-Azucar sells 216 products for local use and export; these include white sugar, rum, eau-de-vie, sorbitol and candies.
VS (Very Superior), also sometimes known as Three Star, indicates that the youngest eau-de-vie in the blend is not less than 2.5 years old.
VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), VO (Very Old)and Reserve, indicates that the youngest eau-de-vie is at least 4.5 years-old.
George Spirits, based in Alameda, California, Rupf's eau-de-vie selection now includes framboise (raspberry), kirsch (cherry), and quince.
Oregon distiller makes brandy, eau-de-vie and grappa in Portland