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Seven cases of eastern equine encephalitis virus disease were reported from five states (Georgia, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, and North Carolina); all were neuroinvasive disease.
The most lethal pediatric neuroinvasive arboviral disease is eastern equine encephalitis virus infection, with a 38% mortality rate.
Epidemiology of eastern equine encephalitis in Massachusetts.
Genetic and antigenic diversity among eastern equine encephalitis viruses from North, Central, and South America.
Although Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is rare, it is a serious illness.
This invading non-indigenous species should be monitored closely since it is a known vector for several viral pathogens including those responsible for West Nile fever, Saint Louis encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis and eastern equine encephalitis.
In a similar manner, DNA vaccines to related alphaviruses (Venezuelan and eastern equine encephalitis viruses) could also be developed.
John Howard and Joanne Oliver collected data on spraying the pesticide naled near New York's Cicero and Toad Harbor Swamps for mosquitoes which carry eastern equine encephalitis (EEE).
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have determined that neurons throughout the central nervous system react differently to the body's immune defenses to rid themselves of viruses that cause encephalitis, such as the West Nile and eastern equine encephalitis viruses.
5-mL doses given subcutaneously; Eastern equine encephalitis inactivated vaccine (IND): 0.
They're sentinel animals for eastern equine encephalitis in the south-eastern United States.
MOORPARK - A 16-month-old show horse at a Moorpark stable died in what may be the first case of eastern equine encephalitis virus ever reported west of the Mississippi River and Texas, public health officials reported Friday.
Could they have died from eastern equine encephalitis, which despite its name can attack birds, especially emus, and produce these symptoms?
However, the tiger mosquito adds a deadly wrinkle - it can transmit eastern equine encephalitis, a rare, but usually fatal, brain disease.
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