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the Saturday before Easter

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Meg, a graduate of Garrett, has been led by her theological studies to reclaim her Catholic identity and was confirmed in this year's Easter eve liturgy at the Shell Center, the Northwestern University parish.
One Easter Eve, Wesley was hopping through Wisteria Woods with three Easter baskets.
Instead, he focuses on the transient yet indelible incidents and emotions of everyday life, like a pleasurable summer trip to the beach with his mother, an expectant walk to the bakery on Easter Eve, and a terrifying visit to the eye doctor.
Followers eat a vegan diet for the 55 days leading up to the Orthodox Easter Sunday (May 5 this year), then everyone spends Easter eve at the church praying until 3am when it is announced that Christ has risen.
Good Friday was celebrated first at Emley Cross and then An Hour at The Cross in church, followed on Easter Eve with an Easter Vigil.
Youngsters also enjoy the excitement of the beginning of the Easter Vigil, a candlelit service on Easter Eve.
The new crucifix - replacing a smaller, crumbling plaster one built in 1925 - won't be unveiled behind the church altar until a Holy Saturday Vigil on Easter eve.
On Easter Eve (Saturday) there will be quiet prayer between 10am and 5pm.
What was interrupted by Elian's kidnapping, we would like to continue at this time in the nation's capital, thus reaffirming our position offered this young shipwrecked survivor with much love and compassion upon his stormy yet miraculous arrival on Thanksgiving Day and which was abruptly interrupted on Holy Saturday, Easter Eve.
In many churches on Easter Eve all candles are extinguished, then the great Paschal candle is lit and from its flame all the other candles are rekindled.
Still, Cookie misses her departed husband big time, and in an Easter eve funk takes her own life.
It is not heard again until Easter eve when the assembly hears the triumphant cry, "The Lord is risen, alleluia.
A vigil service for Easter Eve was held on Saturday and on Easter Day family communion was celebrated by Dean Henry Stapleton.
30pm on Easter Eve where we will have students from Cambridge come and tell bible stories dressed up as characters from the bible.
No candles will be lit in the cathedral between the end of this service and the bonfire on Easter eve.