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the Saturday before Easter

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Pope Tawadros leads prayers during the Easter Eve service at St.
As a matter of fact, the day is officially called Holy Saturday or Last day of Lent or simply Easter Eve.
Copts gather in churches for prayers on Easter eve (AFP Photo)
On Easter Eve (Holy Saturday) the Easter Vigil with the lighting of the Pascal candle takes place at 8pm.
These are questions raised by the notion of felix culpa (fortunate, happy, or blessed fault), a phrase that originated with an early Christian Easter Eve Mass, in which the liturgy praises Adam's sin as happy and necessary insofar as it has gained for humanity 'so great a Redeemer' as Christ.
Most of all, however, we are shown Fabiola's direct or indirect connection to all of this that draws her at last to conversion and baptism on Easter eve of an unspecified year.
There's an Easter Eve service on Saturday and then Easter Sunday's main event.
It's a wonderful thing done at the vigil, but it can be long," Loftus said, noting that he once welcomed 29 new Catholics at Easter Eve services at St.
The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Day - traditionally called Low Saturday, Holy Saturday or Easter Eve - is a day when many celebrations are put on hold, marking the time followers believe Jesus descended to the dead.
The latest figures indicate that in Britain last year attendance at services on both Easter eve and Easter Sunday increased to 52,400 - double the average day's attendance.
Thomas Episcopal Church - An Easter Eve Cantata will be held at 7 p.
In Sweden on Easter Eve, witches were believed to fly on broomsticks to church bell towers.
But his flock were shocked when he led prayers on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Eve.
On Easter Eve, 1991, a 75-year-old woman, asleep in her bed, was brutally attacked, beaten and raped in a small New England town.
As the legend goes, the church bells traveled to Rome for the pope's blessing and returned on Easter eve with colored eggs for all.