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a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ

a wind from the east

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The full extent of their thefts only began to unravel when they quit the CAB office with immediate effect at Easter 2006.
Both schools will still be used until a new school opens on the Beech Grove site, hopefully in Easter 2006.
Development of offices is expected to begin during the summer and the first phase is scheduled for completion by Easter 2006.
The building is expected to be completed by Easter 2006.
Italian ad spend accounts for 42 percent of the spending across these countries and Italy, Germany and Spain all showed a marked increase in advertising spending activity when comparing Easter 2006 and 2007.
After Adoption took all my details and told me that it could take years to find my birth mum, but a few months later, at Easter 2006, After Adoption contacted me to say they had found my birth mother.
At Easter 2006, she escaped an immigration swoop which saw her parents and four younger sisters expelled.
The couple resigned over Easter 2006, posting the office keys through the letterbox of a volunteer, Swansea Crown Court has heard.
The character licensed confectionery market is showing very strong year-on-year growth, with Easter 2006 up 25% and Christmas 2005 up 13%.
New for Easter 2006 - explore AmaZonia, bringing the world's greatest rainforest to the heart of the city.
This is why the work will be undertaken during the school holidays and will be completed by September 5, although the playing field will not be available for children until Easter 2006.
The new South Bank Primary will operate on the two sites before occupying a new building on the Beech Grove site from Easter 2006.
Pre-construction work begins this month and the museum will open at Easter 2006.
Slated for an Easter 2006 release, the one-hour special, "Billy Graham: God's Ambassador," features rare archival footage of Graham's early life, ministry, and worldwide evangelistic efforts.
Azbaa escaped the Easter 2006 immigration swoop on her Bootle home which led to the expulsion of father Arif, a governor of St Wilfrid's RC school, her mother and her four younger sisters to Pakistan.