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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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The main earnings statements later are those from McDonald's and Haliburton, while the key economic release later will be existing home sales figures for June.
These historical patterns of costs do not apply today, and yet, earnings statements are still presented as though they do.
Other key DIMHRS functions include a view-only screen that lets Soldiers view personnel and pay items; Certificates of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD 214); group life insurance elections; leave and earnings statements and wage and tax statements; records of civilian and military education, awards, contracts, and evaluations; and Department of the Army photos.
Investigations into the alleged use of loss-mitigation, or finite, products to smooth companies' earnings statements have gained momentum over the past six months, leading to subpoenas issued by the U.S.
Reservists who missed receiving their March and April leave and earnings statements in the mail need to quit looking in their mailboxes and start looking on the Internet.
On the other hand, analysts of existing financial information will find it advantageous to use the tool to, for example, compare several of a company's earnings statements. Of course, both capabilities are available to everyone using the tool.
According to Hyperion's analysis, 41% of the Fortune 100 posted a schedule of earnings report, which is down from 52% the previous quarter, and 44% issued a cash flow statement concurrently with quarterly earnings statements, which is no change from the previous quarter.
Meanwhile, a host of earnings statements did little to influence early dealing on the London market.
Changes in the fair values will then be reported in earnings statements. The government also wants to amend the requirement that the presentation of items on the balance sheet and profit and loss account has regard to the substance of the reported arrangement.
At a time when the quarterly earnings statements for insurance companies are wallowing in the red, insurers finally have something to cheer about.
The use of pro forma earnings statements in press releases issued by publicly held companies has become a popular trend, but these statements are considerably different from what has traditionally been called pro forma.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average gave up rare gains to close 82 points adrift, while the Nasdaq slid four per cent after AT&T and Lucent issued poor earnings statements.
The tech-laden Nasdaq also slid, off a hefty 4%, after disappointing earnings statements from US giants AT&T and Lucent.
Meantime the first secondquarter earnings statements from US companies proved distinctly mixed.
Texas Instruments and Sprint posted upbeat earnings statements on Monday night in the US and provided optimism for investors in the City.