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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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announced a record revenue and net profit overnight in the footsteps of a strong earnings report by chip giant Intel Corp.
Upon receiving over 250 million earnings reports annually from employers, SSA uses various processes to post such reports to workers' Social Security records.
Investors, on the other hand, fear that collectivists within and outside the government will seize on any positive earnings reports as evidence of criminal conduct, and begin a criminal investigation.
Disney had warned three months ago, when it posted a 30 percent fall in that quarterly earnings report, that profits would continue to decline for the rest of the fiscal year ending Sept.
We have created a real-time feed for gathering and presenting daily corporate earnings reports into an extension of its current daily earnings calendar.
Earlier, the former chairman told Kyodo News there had been no false earnings reports by the company and he had never ordered such conduct.
What is going to be more of a driver as we get into next week is going to be corporate earnings reports,'' Bradley E.
Referring to his heavy investment in the technology sector, Cody points out that earnings reports from technology companies, especially semiconductor capital equipment firms, have been stellar.
said, ''More than the earnings reports from financial institutions, investors are concerned about the series of disappointing earnings reports from top technology firms like Microsoft and Google.
Such optimism has grown increasingly hard to justify after all the strong earnings reports over the past two weeks, said Larry Rice, chief investment officer at Josephthal, Lyon & Ross.
The number of earnings reports scheduled for next week is fairly light.
New York stocks closed sharply higher Wednesday, helped by strong earnings reports from major investment bank Morgan Stanley as well as from big transportation-service firm FedEx Corp.
As of this morning, there are just 38 confirmed earnings reports for next week, nearly all being released on either Monday or Tuesday.