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reconstructive surgery of the auricle of the external ear

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For men: 1 Nose job 2 Ear pinning 3 Eyelid surgery 4 Liposuction 5 Face/neck lift.
In the report, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Nilesh Sojitra is quoted as saying, "Currently ear pinning is quite common.
Presented by a consultant cosmetic surgeon with many years experience across a range of procedures from breast augmentation to ear pinning.
The most popular procedures they're asking for are nose jobs, ear pinning, eyelid surgery and facelifts.
Vets in the US and Brazil are offering ear pinning, nose jobs, facelifts and even botox injections for pampered pets.
Verret explains, in depth, the benefits and risks associated with today's most common procedures, including face and neck lifts, cheek and chin augmentation, chemical peels, facial resurfacing, ear pinning and rhinoplasty (the traditional nose job).