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military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine or exploit or reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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The 10 per cent reservation benefit will be provided to only those EWS which do not come under the purview of reservations given to other backward classes.
EWS stands to benefit from the Department of Agriculture's (DA) initiative of streamlining the seed procurement process, wherein farmers are given more freedom to choose which variety or kind that they would want to use.
The benefits are many: EWS and its partners can now offer increasingly sophisticated water analyses and services while at the same time keeping the service affordable and scalable.
Under the contract, OWS will retrofit an underperforming landfill leachate treatment system with an EWS:AOx system.
Microscopically, classical EWS is composed of sheets of monotonous round to oval cells with round primitive-appearing nuclei and moderate amount of clear to amphophilic cytoplasm.
Police received information some months back that some unscrupulous elements were involved in securing admissions in prominent schools on the basis of fake EWS certificates.
EWS set up the Ellsin plant in 2011, and since then has been working to perfect its technology to bring it to market.
As a result, districts and states may develop EWS without first having a clear purpose beyond identifying students.
by John Howard Wilson, "Dandies and Blackouts," EWS 43.2 (Autumn 2012): 19-21.
For the recovery of demineralised water from the production line, EWS supplied cartridge filtration, an activated carbon filtration unit feeding a bespoke duplex deionisation plant which was specifically designed to ensure it was robust enough to deal with the return water quality.
Suchita Dutta, VP-Corporate Communications, EWS Search said, "Mr.
Exillon Energy PLC (LSE: EXI), an independent oil producer with assets in northern Russia, has announced that well EWS I - 38 has found oil on the eastern part of the East EWS I field.
And so, in 2005, in time for the last World Cup in Germany in 2006, FIFA set up a legally independent company, without any commercial interests at all in the field of international sports gaming, called 'Early Warning System GmbH' (EWS), which is based in Zurich, Switzerland.
In recent years, the EU ombudsman has received several complaints about the European Commission's Early Warning System (EWS) and questioned its impact on the organisations singled out by the system.
ISLAMABAD, March 27, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Pakistan Railways has planned to install low-cost Early Warning System (EWS) at different level crossings across the country to avert accidents.