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a mutual fund that is traded on a stock exchange

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The new ETFs will be market-cap weighted and benchmarked to country and regional indexes from FTSE Russell.
Each passively managed John Hancock Multifactor ETF seeks to provide investment results that closely correspond, before fees and expenses, to the performance of a Dimensional-designed index.
With that said, most advisors will not consider an investment in a small ETF due to their concerns about closure.
Under the new ETF, there will be no impact on the number of shares which are held by the existing investors in the Fund who are listed in the share register held with Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) as on 8 November 2012.
The SSE 50 China Tracker is the third offshore ETF listed on the TWSE after Hang Seng H-Share Index ETF and Heng Seng Index ETF.
Software firm SunGard confirmed purchase of ETF trading algorithm provider Fox River Execution on 26 July 2010.
The new ETF will be the 22nd fund in Schwab's ETF lineup.
An Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) private label services company, ETFMG offers a full range of ETF product services together with commodity pool ETPs as well as both active and passive ETF funds.
acquired VTL Associates LLC, the investment adviser to the Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF Trust, formerly the RevenueShares ETF Trust, and the Oppenheimer Factor Weighted ETFs.
In previous columns, we've discussed how misunderstandings related to ETF liquidity can cause investment advisors to unnecessarily limit their universe of investable ETFs and potentially miss out on funds that best suit their objectives.
For a down week in markets, ETF fund flows were skewed decidedly bullish at over 2 to 1.
Schwab has expanded its commission-free ETF OneSource program, adding 15 more funds for a total of 245, effective July 6, 2017.
market for exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading, today named Dave Nadig CEO of the company's ETF.