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CONDEMNATIONS = DAMN ONIONS ETC (onions and lemons make you cry)
EVICTED* = DIVE ETC (they were evicted from nightclubs, bars.
The task of making the ETC system more useful should come first.
Under the ministry's wing, there is a public-interest foundation that earns commissions from the ETC system.
The ETC Group commissioned a review of the scientific literature on the toxicology of "ultrafine" particles from British toxicologist Vyvyan Howard.
But contrary to the ETC Group's implication, heedless scientists and greedy corporations are not about to flood our bodies and the world with dangerously toxic nanoparticles.
Similar ETC systems have been employed for over 10 years in the West, and more than 30 countries now offer the service, according to the nonprofit study group, Toll Road.
ETC CITs are able to take part in a role play involving traditional camp program areas; the residential CITs join the ETC group for an overnight canoeing trip.
For example, a customer can visit a participating retailer, swipe his card through a point-of-sale machine and provide $20 to the cashier to be applied directly to his ETC account.
ETC provides local telephone service, long distance, digital cable television, high-speed Internet, wireless phones, security systems, Web management services, etc.
The European ETC industry has a poor reputation for interoperability, even for a single technology such as DSRC.
While Fitch believes $600 million of debt at ETC is a manageable amount, a larger debt financing would have further increased risk and could have led to a negative rating action at ETP.
Also on the stand and available for demonstration will be ETC s new ETC Source Four Mini and Source Four LED Studio HD spotlights; as well as the new ES1 dimmer, which brings the same power control and efficiency behind ETC Source Four Dimmer to non-ETC brand tungsten fixtures.
ETC Group LLC was owned and managed by Jon Winder, Chairman, and Bill Topaz, Chief Operating Officer, both of whom have experience in publishing and content-related businesses.