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Synonyms for postscript

Synonyms for postscript

a note appended to a letter after the signature

textual matter that is added onto a publication

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generally accepted accounting principles for EPS will change if the FASB's tentative conclusions are adopted.
PMMA was developed to reduce or eliminate defects that can occur when EPS patterns are used to produce iron or steel castings.
Michel Berghmans, team leader for EPS research at Breda.
Skin molding involves molding an EPS part, then placing a film of PS into the mold and re-steaming the part to bond the two together.
Another screen I like running in regard to earnings deals with Increasing Earnings (if not necessarily the % of EPS Growth).
which is June introduced Dylite R2595B resin, the first commercial EPS with 25% recycled content.
Yotty, PayStar CEO, "Our staff has worked closely with Optimum Pay and EPS to customize a deposit program that addresses the unique stored value and prepaid MasterCard(R) initiatives at Optimum Pay.
PayStar will begin to see significant revenues generated by the EPS program in 4Q, 2004.
SPHR, EPS President, states "EPS' dedication to presenting our clients with the most qualified resources to assist in preventing and correcting employment relations missteps compel EPS to utilize only the top employment attorney/consultants in the nation.
In public announcements of share repurchase programs, managers often cite concerns with EPS dilution as the reason they're executing share repurchases.
Smaller beads are helping to make EPS cups more competitive with paper cups by allowing thinner walls beneath film or paper labels with high-quality printed graphics.
Executives who set goals just to meet short-term EPS expectations typically assume that strong capital market performance is the result of delivering what the market wants.
Muyama has overseen the construction of the plant near Roanoke, Virginia that will produce the units, though when AD&P visited, only the clean room assembly area had been outfitted, and the rest of the plant resembled a clean, well-lighted cavern rather than a manufacturing facility that will soon be turning out 540 EPS units a day.
Under the old rule, primary EPS was designed to reflect the dilution of common stockholders' earnings resulting from the increase in common shares due to the probable conversion or exercise of common stock equivalents.
Sponsored by SPI's EPS Insulation Board Council, the ACCU-R EPS Program has been created to assure quality and consistency of molded EPS roof insulation meets or exceeds the standards of ASTM C 578-91 in product integrity and performance through independent third-party certification and verification program administrators: Radco and Underwriter's Laboratory.