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Synonyms for epoch

Synonyms for epoch

a particular time notable for its distinctive characteristics

Synonyms for epoch

a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event

(astronomy) an arbitrarily fixed date that is the point in time relative to which information (as coordinates of a celestial body) is recorded

a unit of geological time that is a subdivision of a period and is itself divided into ages

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EPOC Messe Frankfurt brings to the partnership their track record and strong knowledge of the regional and global exhibitions market.
7), (11) Using his method of measuring and quantifying all three components of calorie burn (aerobic metabolism during exercise, EPOC, and anaerobic contributions by lactate), he was able to show that weight training exercise burns 70% more calories than originally thought.
Thus, for human eye iris database registration, the EPOC method is more efficient than the POC and BPOC method.
We see Ericsson's decision to select EPOC, along with Psion's expertise in design and manufacturing, as particularly significant.
In this paper, there are presented two modified phase-only correlation methods: the rectangle band limited, BPOC, and the proposed elliptic band limited, EPOC.
Larsen said the new Palm OS titles do not signify any waning of the company's commitment to EPOC, but simply underlines the company's determination to be a leader on all the principal handheld platforms, including EPOC (the operating systems developed by Psion of the UK, and endorsed by the mobile phone consortium, Symbian), Palm OS and Microsoft's Windows CE.
Both machines will run the EPOC operating system and offer full enterprise Java support.
Symbian Plc, the consortium set up by Psion Plc, LM Ericsson Telefon AB, Nokia Oy Matsushita and Motorola Inc claims that Release 5 of its EPOC wireless internet device (WID) operating system, released yesterday, will help unleash a "flood" of applications into the emerging WID space, but remains tight-lipped about who exactly is developing them.
The Emotiv SDKLite[TM] is a free, downloadable tool that provides developers with a complete development environment to take advantage of, and integrate seamlessly with, all the functionalities and features of the Emotiv EPOC.
Devices using Symbian Plc's EPOC operating system will move into territory held by Palmpilots and Windows CE machines with the forthcoming release of mobile databases from Sybase Inc, Oracle Corp and others.
The Emotiv EPOC is the first high-fidelity brain computer interface (BCI) device for the video gaming market and will be available to consumers via Emotiv's Web site and through selected retailers in late 2008 for a recommended retail price of $299.
Symbian Plc has said that it will have devices using a Japanese version of the EPOC operating system on the streets by the middle of 2000.
Concurrently, PTS has developed and recently introduced its EPOC technology (patent pending) for patient identification at the medical practice/clinical investigator level.
The EPOC system is a blood analyzer that rapidly performs a panel of the most critical acute care tests at the patient bedside.