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Synonyms for airway

a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Sergei Levteev, IBA Group Chairman, said: "It is an honor to be shortlisted for the EOA Awards.
Both the CRA and the EOA are elements of the new broadened social
13) The EOA did not explicitly mention "family planning," but family planning fit easily within the anti-poverty agenda.
Does EOA affect conception by quantitative decline of oocytes only or by affecting both quality as well as quantity?
Philadelphia's citywide response to the EOA, the Philadelphia Anti-Poverty Action Committee (PAAC), was established as a centralized program with 12 area offices in poor communities around the city.
But innovation isn't always a tangible asset; instead, it can be a key ingredient of new business methods and successful company alliances, hence the Most Innovative Relationship category of the EOA.
Radiological features of EOA include joint space narrowing, subchondral sclerosis, marginal osteophytes, and erosions which begin at the central portion of the joint and give characteristic patterns of the affected joints known as "gull-wing" and "saw-tooth" deformities.
For that very reason, it was fascinating to watch the audience's reaction as three companies with a firm footing in the functional food world took to the stage to win trophies at this year's EOA event.
I am most proud of my first donation to EOA Children's House and the difference it made in the children's lives.
2) The Enigma of Arrival is cited parenthetically as EOA.
Participants scored highest on the EOA subscale (M = 49.
Recap EOA and economic development strategy; 998-2153.
But EOA chief executive Andrew Harland said using the technology could help to root out exam cheats and protect both invigilators and students.
The differential diagnosis of EOA includes osteoarthritis of the hand, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and psoriatic arthritis.
This expansion will increase the company's total EOA nameplate capacity on the U.