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Synonyms for airway

a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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We generated a list of suspect peaks--chromatogram peaks whose accurate masses (acquired in the LCQTOF/MS chemical analysis) matched the exact masses of candidate chemicals (based on chemical formulas) in the EOA database, accounting for the ionization mode (i.e., formation of M-H) with target score of 70 as the threshold.
I have gotten to know others dealing with this disease and belong to a support group for family caregivers of people with EOA. Many face the same isolation and sudden loss of family and friends--feeling alone while they deal with the loss of wages; feeling the very real frustration of taking years to get their loved one on Social Security/disability, while trying to meet the basic needs of surviving off one income.
To test the effect of EOA on anesthesia induction and recovery, juveniles were individually transferred to an aquaria that contained 1 L of seawater and EOA at 25, 50, 100, 200 or 300 [micro]L [L.sup.-1], first diluted in ethanol (1:10) (n=10 for each concentration tested).
A splitting incision is then made in this sutured medial leaf of the EOA, partially separating a strip 1.5-2 cm wide [Fig.
Todos os escolares que nao apresentaram alteracao a Meatoscopia e falharam nas EOA e/ ou na Timpanometria foram encaminhados para a realizacao do diagnostico audiologico, por meio de avaliacao audiologica completa pre-agendada, por meio dos testes de Audiometria Tonal por Via Aerea e por Via Ossea, Logoaudiometria (realizados com o audiometro MA 41 da marca Maico), Imitanciometria (realizado com o Imitanciometro automatico AT 235 da marca Interacoustics), EOAT e EOAPD (realizados com o ERO-SCAN(tm)), no CSCM-UA.
His work, 'Monument of a Forgotten Story', part of his Re-Construction exhibition now showing at EOA.P gallery in London, shows a ghostly white mountain that appears to be enmeshed within a fretwork of spindly scaffolding.
En adelante nos referimos a este enfoque como evaluacion orientada al aprendizaje (EoA) porque estos vocablos destacan una de las caracteristicas principales: la importancia de la evaluacion en la optimizacion del aprendizaje.
The EOA at the State and Local Level: Implementation
By creating an EOA, the town can offer a TIF plan to businesses for the difference between the existing value of the property and the value when the property is improved.
EyA EOAaEcentsAi EyAoEyiEOAa EyA*EyA EyA[micro]EyA*EcentsAi EcentsAiEU EOA"EcentsAiEUEyAEOAaEyi EUEOAc EyiEyA EyAoEOAuEyAEcentsAiEOAaEyA[sup.3] EyA EcentsAiEU EUiEOAeEOAcEyAEOAaEyi EUAaEOAe EyA EyA[micro]EOAeEOAe EyA EOAc EyiEyAEyi EyAoEOAeEyAEyi EyAEOAeEyAEUiEyA*EyA EyiEUiEyA EyA EyA[micro]EOAeEOAcEyA* EyAEyA* EOAaEOAaEyA*EOAaEyi EOAeEyAEyA*EyA EyA[logical not]EOAe EUEyA EOAaEyA[degrees]EOAaEyA[logical not] EyiEcentsAiEUiEyAEyA*EOAa EyA EcentsAi EyA[bar]EOAaEcentsAi EOAaEyA[sup.3]EyA*EcentsAiEyi EUEOAc EOAaEyA*EOAaEyA[logical not] EOAaEOAcEOAaEyi EyAoEyiEOAaEcentsAi Of One Essence is the Human Race, Thusly has Creation put the Base.
Encouragement also came from the federal government, which from 1964 through 1973 dedicated funds to family planning under the aegis of several initiatives, among them the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act (EOA) and the Title X family planning program, which was passed in 1970 with bipartisan support.