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Synonyms for airway

a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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1) In the feet, the first metatarsophalangeal joint may be affected, and there are occasional descriptions of EOA located in the interphalangeal joints of the feet.
On the flip side, children in the AED group were more likely than their EOA counterparts to be described by their parents as having a history of picky eating, poor appetite, sensitivity to textures, slow eating, and difficulty swallowing.
Using EOA membership as a criterion for differentiating good governance, the mean MVA or additional value or bonus wealth created for shareowners ranged from a high of $28.
Recent federal proposals to prohibit organizations that apply for or receive government funds from engaging in political activities reveal a complete abandonment of the principal of maximum feasible participation provided for in the EOA.
Commenting on EOA Award, Dmitry Loschinin, President & CEO Luxoft said: "This award is a tribute to Hotwire as a partner and to our people, who made this success possible.
A amostra foi distribuida em dois grupos:Grupo Estudo (GE) foi composto por 12 lactentes (oito do sexo masculino e quatro do sexo feminino), com media de idade gestacional de 35,95semanas, e idade corrigida no momento da EOA e PEATE de 41,26 semanas, nascidos na maternidade Hospital Sao Paulo da Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo (HSP/UNIFESP) entre 2008 a 2011 com diagnostico por neuroimagem de agenesia de corpo caloso.
You have plenty of time to put your submission together, so I expect you to join us for the EOA gala diner on 26 October, during the week of CPhI/ICSE/P-MEC in Frankfurt .
23) See, eg, Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) s 21(3) (sex); DA (ACT) ss 36, 46 (sex and religion); ADA (NSW) s 31A(3)(b) (sex); ADA (NT) ss 30(a)-(b) (sex and religion): ADA (Qld) s 41(a) (sex and religion): EOA (SA) s 37(3) (sex); ADA (Tas) s 27(1)(b) (gender); EOA 1995 (Vic) s 38; EOA 2010 (Vic) s 39 (sex and religion); EOA (WA) s 18(3) (sex).
We take pride in being recognized by our affiliation with EOA Children's House of Northwest Arkansas, Habitat For Humanity, Walton Arts Center, Jones Center for Families.
Defining an EOA is a bit trickier than EOC because we often don't know where this line sits.
EOA chief executive Andrew Harland stressed: "All the CCTV would be doing would be capturing the time spent in hall or room and kept on a disk for year and then erased.
B'pong plans to open its doors in the spring after an interior build out by EOA / Elmslie Osler Architects, P.
The EOA established more than a thousand Community Action Agencies at the local level and implemented social service programs and initiatives: The WCAC was one of them.
The EOA will provide sufficient information to an Over-Arching Integrated Product Team for approval to purchase Long Lead materiel for Low Rate Initial Production.
The EOA says that this measure creates a "constant threat of market distortion and prejudice to European oilseed producers" and that up to 20% of US oilseeds would not have been produced without this incentive between 1998-2002.