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a Marxist terrorist group formed in 1963 by Colombian intellectuals who were inspired by the Cuban Revolution

a terrorist organization in Bolivia that acts as an umbrella for numerous small indigenous subversive groups

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La aplicacion de los acuerdos con las FARC y los dialogos con el ELN ocupan los lugares siete y 12, respectivamente.
The ELN is particularly more versatile than a paper record book as it may be used for groups and not just individuals.
Santos said at the time of the soldiers' capture that the ELN would not gain any advantages in eventual talks by intensifying their assaults on government troops.
There is a risk that ELN will follow the same path as users try to force the system to act just like tools with which they are familiar.
Inspired by the Cuban revolution and established by radical Catholic priests, the ELN was founded in 1964, the same year the FARC was established.
The Uribe government has been calling for a cease-fire for some time, while the ELN calls for an amnesty for jailed rebels, noncombatant activists, and union chiefs who sympathize with the movement.
El ELN acepto la mediacion de Mexico para solucionar el conflicto colombiano, ?
The ELN kidnapped at gunpoint 31-year-old Mark Henderson and fellow Briton Matthew Scott along with four Israelis, a German and a Spaniard on September 12.
La unica solucion verdadera se concreta en tres objetivos: Primero, contar con el suficiente capital militar para derrotar o limitar severamente la capacidad combativa de las FARC y el ELN, asi como eliminacion de las fuerezas de autodefensa.
The FARC and ELN also represent a danger to the $4.
Crimenes a las FARC, el ELN y otros grupos rebeldes minoritarios: dos mil 770.
The ELN is Colombia's second-largest guerrilla army with about 5,000 fighters.
They were speaking after the dramatic release of more than 60 US oil employees who were seized by the ELN guerrilla group on Monday.
Most of the passengers and crew were freed in 1999 and one died of heart failure according to the ELN.