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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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En esta ecuacion se expresan las ventas de la MD en el canal supermercado, en funcion de la estrategia promocional que mas influencia ejerce sobre ellas, el display de la MF lider (cabRB).
PV: valor actual que recibe el controlador de la variable del proceso (en el rango de entrada configurado), este valor es mostrado en el display del controlador.
Organic EL displays, which are thin and consume less power, are mainly used in mobile phones.
8" QVGA, organic EL display, in collaboration with Samsung SDI, for use in au handsets, to be used in three of the new models including the Wooo Keitai W53H.
No incluye visor, pero el display hace un buen trabajo en general y se defiende aun usando la FX7 a plena luz del dia.
The electro-luminescent EL display panel offers enhanced levels of user interaction with improved graphical qualities over traditional LCD and LED displays, along with the ability to be cut and shaped to provide design flexibility to match display configuration with design concepts.
Chief executive of Pelikon Mike Powell said, 'As a world leading EL display company, Pelikon has quickly attracted the attention of major customers looking for a competitive edge and differentiation in the increasingly congested market of fast evolving electronic consumer appliances.
It also includes a hi-brite EL display and a reverse video mode with wide viewing angle for improved viewing.
The semicircular EL display provides speedometer, gear selection and fuel level information on a transparent surface, allowing additional information, such as temperature and oil pressure, to be viewed on a secondary display located behind it.
Planar has made the integration of their EL display very smooth," said Gary Freeman, Engineering Director at ZOLL.
Estos son creados utilizando el display build (constructor de imagenes).
The EL display is solid state and thus inherently rugged, offers high contrast and broad viewing angles and has a relatively simple power structure.
In addition, we believe EL customers and employees will benefit from having the EL business now under the direction of a recognized leader in the use of atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology, a critical component of EL display production.
El display despliega varias opciones para la impresion, permitiendo configurar el tamano (de 5x8 cm hasta carta), calidad de papel, balance de escena, fecha de impresion, seleccion de fotografias, transferencia del equipo, cantidad de copias e impresion monocromatica o a color.
Toppan Printing, a major printing company in Japan, has developed a low-cost printing process for the manufacture of large-sized full-color organic EL display.