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For example, some EERs included inadmissible information, such as what the writer did prior to joining the Foreign Service.
Personally, I have been deeply involved on various activities in this area of EER. I have been elected as the Philippine representative to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Inter-governmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting since 2016, where there has been a focus in the work in Sustainability Reporting and the SDGs.
According to BOMA International's recently released 2015 Office Experience Exchange Report (Office EER), rental income for private-sector office buildings across the country increased 5.3% from 2013 to 2014, and overall income (which includes pass-throughs, lease abatements, etc.) rose 6.2% for these properties during this same period.
Customers can be convinced to be green and pay extra for the more efficient variable speed fan and resulting higher "rated EER." Hopefully, the installing contractor will take care to avoid 50 ft (15 m) runs of drooping flexible duct and undersized antimicrobial MERV 14 filters since those fantastic ECMs can ramp up in speed (and input power) to shove 1,200 cfm (2040 [m.sup.3]/h) of air through whatever restrictions are placed in its path.
The EER minimums were increased by the Energy Department a year ago, but manufacturers continue their tweaking.
Air conditioners in the Kingdom need to have a steady state energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 7.5 Btu/(W-h) at T1 (35[degrees]C [95[degrees]F] outside, 27[degrees]C [80.6[degrees]F] dry-bulb, and 19[degrees]C [66.2[degrees]F] wet-bulb inside) and EER 5.4 Btu/(W-h) at T3 (46[degrees]C [114.8[degrees]F] outside, 29[degrees]C [84.2[degrees]F] dry bulb and 19[degrees]C [66.2[degrees]F] wet-bulb inside).
They review an eligible Foreign Service employee's Official Performance File, including the employee evaluation reports (EERs) for the past five years or dating to the most recent promotion, whichever is longer.
One of the immediate impacts was changing the monthly operations review format to a new concept called the "execution excellence review" (EER).
The income and expense market-level data collected through the EER survey was used to develop BOMA's recent Economic Impact Study, The Contribution of Office Outlays on the U.S.
The condition has been cancelled, apparently because of the cooling primary market, and U-Trend will invest about NIS 8-12 million less in EER. Under the new investment agreement, U-Trend will invest an initial NIS 4 million in EER for a 2.5% stake of the company, reflecting a company value of NIS 100 million.
When comparing new chillers, it is important to look at each unit's EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), the ratio of cooling output compared to power input.
Irenginio veikimo efektyvumai esant tam tikroms apkrovoms EER nustatomi eksperimentiskai, o ESEER apskaiciuojamas pagal tokia formule (1):
Afren Plc has acquired the residual license interest in Oil Mining Lease (OML) 115 offshore which formally belonged to Energy Equity Resources Oil and Gas (EER).