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anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

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a harmful or corrupting agency

a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer

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EEE virus typically cycles among passerine birds and the bird-feeding mosquito Culiseta melanura.
Colocalization of lesions, virus, and brain inflammation in 2 children in a study of EEE, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 1970-2010 * Patient, anatomical Inflammation EEE virus MRI showing location ([dagger]) ([dagger]) lesion(s) ([double dagger]) Patient 10 Frontal cortex +++ +++ +++ Parietal cortex ++ ++ ++ Temporal cortex ++ +++ ++ Occipital cortex + - - Thalamus +++ +++ ++ Basal ganglia ++ +++ +++ Cerebellar cortex + + - Patient 12 Frontal cortex ++ ++ ++ Parietal cortex + + - Temporal cortex ++ ++ - Occipital cortex + ++ - Thalamus ++ ++ +++ Basal ganglia ++ ++ +++ Cerebellar cortex + ++ - Parameter comparison Correlation coefficient ([section]) Inflammation vs.
Editorial Note: An increased number of EEE cases had been anticipated in 1992 for two reasons: 1) in 1991, EEE virus had been isolated from Aedes albopictus [2], a more anthropophilic mosquito vector; and 2) in 1991, an EEE epizootic occurred in the Southeast [1].
perturbans is generally regarded as mammalophagic (30,34); however, there are reports of its feeding on wading birds and passerines (34-36) and of numerous EEE virus isolates from field-collected specimens (37-40).
For the first time, EEE virus was isolated from Aedes albopictus mosquitoes collected at a tire depot in central Florida (2,3).
Some Culex species mosquitoes collected earlier in the season as part of long-term EEE virus monitoring programs were provided by Suffolk and Nassau counties to assess evidence of infection in mosquitoes before the onset of human cases.
The specimens tested for virus yielded 14 virus strains identified as eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus by indirect fluorescent antibody test using a panel of alphavirus monoclonal antibodies including EEE virus complex-specific (1B1C-4) and North American EEE virus-specific (1B5C-3) monoclonal antibodies [1].
Bolton had no EEE virus positive mosquito samples identified in 2009.
However, concurrent with WN virus isolations, EEE virus was isolated from 16 equine brain samples submitted in the fall of 2000.
Heavy spring rains in northern Florida have led to exceptionally large populations of Culiseta melanura, the principal vector of EEE virus in the enzootic cycle, and floodwater species that potentially are epizootic vectors.