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a rapid automatic system to detect plastic explosives in passengers' luggage using X-ray technology and computers

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Additionally, EDS plans to complete a deal to sell approximately 20 company-owned properties and lease back a portion of them within the next few months.
By engaging Proxima Technology's effort in our client contracts, Proxima Technology helps us enrich and differentiate our managed services through its automated reporting feature and its inherent Six Sigma quality process improvement capability," said Catherine Cremoux, Director, UK Incubator Programme, EDS.
Krenz's plans for treasury fit well with the goals of Dick Brown, chairman and CEO, to transform EDS into a more efficient, active and service-oriented company.
What we're working on now is establishing the EDS identity.
Integrating the code-creating functionality into our EDS editor and streamlining the configuration method in the various versions of MicroCANopen was a logical step to take for the benefit of our customers.
Altria will manage TECWorks, working closely with EDS and A.
EDS encourages everyone to be self-sufficient during a crisis, be aware of the necessities most often forgotten when preparing for disasters and remember to keep the following in each family vehicle:
Customers using the CAD/CAM/CAE design products from EDS can benefit from Network Appliance's simple appliance strategy model, which leverages existing network investments to deliver low total cost of ownership.
The EDS Office of the Multi-Year Plan is the PMO that supports its corporate global transformation program, ensuring that strategic investment decisions are made and effectively managed at an enterprise level.
The level of detail provided by the EDS HIPAA assessment will allow New Hampshire to effectively select from a number of alternatives to meet HIPAA compliance and the departments long-term strategic goals.
Significant market share gains made by India-based services vendors in ADM at the expense of EDS and other multinational IT services companies.
To effectively pursue these opportunities, companies will need to not only unify their internal business processes but also provide a method to open these up to partners," said Matt Trevorrow, director of Integration Services, EDS E.
Transportation Security AdministrationeIUs (TSA) expands RevealeIUs worldwide position to provide the most advanced EDS solution to international aviation customers.
The integration of Borland's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products and process optimization expertise with EDS' software best practices and extensive intellectual capital are helping EDS deliver quality software more efficiently and cost effectively to its clients.