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automatic data processing by electronic means without the use of tabulating cards or punched tapes

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Prior to the merging agreement between Schlumberger and Cameron International, the latter agreed to a global EDP with MRC Global for its engineered and distributed valve product lines.
Veronica Pinto, Management and Learning Development Director and Chief Learning Officer at EDP - Energias de Portugal University, added: "With the Accreditation CLIP process, EDP University aimed at achieving an international recognition of its investment in Human Capital development.
The EDP is hoping for elected representatives in Germany (Free Voters party) and potentially in Poland and Slovakia.
In 2012, the EU executive received a series of complaints from citizens focusing on two points: the extension of concessions to use public water resources under supposedly advantageous conditions, and allegedly excessive compensations for past investments, which would have crippled the EDP in a liberalised market ("stranded costs").
EDP works by a different mechanism than many current anti-cancer drugs that block angiogenesis.
69bn deal for 21% of EDP with Chinese hydropower producer Three Gorges Corp, Bloomberg added.
Fitch now rates EDP three notches above the Portuguese sovereign at BBB+ on rating watch negative (RWN).
The African country had talks with EDP Renovaveis for wind power projects and with water utility Aguas de Portugal (AdP) for hydro energy initiatives, as well as with other companies regarding photovoltaic projects, Benkhadra added.
26 April 2010 - Danish major Vestas Wind Systems A/S (CPH: VWS) said today it will provide wind turbines with a combined capacity of 1,500 MW to Portuguese green energy company EDP Renovaveis (ELI: EDPR) in its largest single order ever.
The aim of the loan, said an EIB memorandum, was to enable EDP to comply with tighter emission limits imposed by European Union (EU) directive 2001/80/EC and related national legislation.
An investigation of how EDP auditors' thought processes affect their work.
Another common perception is that the existence of electronic data processing (EDP) equipment and software means that EDP coverage should be purchased.
EDP, which specializes in the wholesale sector, expects to generate a "significant new revenue stream" from its ISP operation that will enable its 800 customers to set up online services.
When it comes to protecting EDP systems, risk managers should emphasize loss prevention techniques, states Gary Baxter, assistant director of insurance for Weyerhaeuser Company and chair of the 1992 Western Regional Conference.
These extensions were granted to EDP against the payment of 704 million.