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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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A whole building simulation program, EnergyPlus (version 8.0 for most of the simulations), was used to simulate and evaluate energy savings potentials from different ECMs. To model energy impacts from a given ECM, only related input objects in the baseline were modified in the simulation program, while other objects were kept unchanged.
In this paper, a real-time control strategy with ECMS for a PHEV is proposed, which is based on a new method for evaluating the equivalent factor between fuel and electrical energy in order to regulate SOC at a constant reference point with the minimum fuel consumption simultaneously.
After another 7-day culture, cell sheets were intactly harvested from the Petri dishes and their derived ECMs were achieved by a standard decellularization procedure [24].
In addition to offering efficient variable speed operation, ECMs tend to be much more reliable and have greater longevity than other types of single-phase motors.
This overall transaction will result in the transfer of the totality of OTMT's direct and indirect interests in ECMS to Orange for a total consideration of E209.6 million ($240 million).
In the ESPC business model, the energy service company (ESCO) is responsible for providing the planning, design, and calculation of investment costs for ECMs; modeling of energy savings and funding; and the implementation of ECMs on site.
As Kimmel Center patients undergoing chemotherapy were extremely sensitive to space temperatures, it was critical for the Eneractive Team to identify and implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), which not only reduced energy consumption but significantly enriched patients quality of stay and comfort.
After installing energy conservation measures (ECMs), ESCOs often determine the energy savings resulting from the project and present the savings results to their customers.
By adding the Bucharest-based development company which develops implants up to class 3, Exceet will further expand its market position in Europe with an emphasis on the neighbouring countries, CTO of Exceet Group's electronic components, modules and systems (ECMS) segment Dan Negrea said.
In the studies mentioned earlier, one problem was attaching the ECMs to glass surface.
As customers who are already paying into the Empower Maryland Energy Efficiency fund by virtue of utility bill assessments, owners and residents bear no additional cost for the ECMs. Through this program, greeNEWit has installed 313,135 compact fluorescent light bulbs to more than 31.,461 residences in the state of Maryland and are saving 17,037,189 kWh of electricity and 382,536,407 gallons of water annually through this program.
Manufacturers are constantly creating more efficient engines and engine control modules (ECMs) or management systems to reduce vehicle carbon emissions.
En effet, France Telecom a annonce le lancement d'une offre publique d'achat afin d'acquerir 100% du capital de la societe de telecommunication egyptienne, ECMS au prix de 202,5 livres egyptiennes par action en vue de recuperer les 29% restant du capital cotes a la Bourse du Caire.
Orange will also acquire via a public offer the 29.0 percent of ECMS held by the public.