Economic Commission for Europe

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the commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations that is concerned with economic development in Europe

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Officials said the Sindh government had hired the ECE teachers on a contractual basis to initiate the Early Learning Programme (ELP) in the province under the National Education Policy, 2009.
He further said in the past the concept and understanding of ECE was very limited and has been largely confined to Katchi class before Grade 1 and in most cases, katchi-class children had to share a room with Class 1 and Class 2 students.
ECE is the largest full-service entertainment agency in the country with 16 offices located along the East Coast.
Ms Joseph said at Standard One, pupils with ECE fit better than the ones without.
Power imbalance and control were also acknowledged in a few ECE's (n = 4) responses in recognising young children's bullying capability.
The Dh5,279,731 ($1,437,248) program aims to create 30 ECE model centers that can serve as models of best practice in ECE learning.
The project has so far provided 10 ECE centres with new classrooms in Nayamasheke, a scenic district bounded by Lake Kivu and bordering Democratic Republic of Kongo.
In this study, we aimed to investigate whether the extension of ECE grading is an independent prognostic factor for survival outcomes in patients with pathologically T1-2 and N1 (pT1-2N1) breast cancer and whether this type of scale can be used for breast cancer.
The monitoring aims to collect data and ensure standards set by the provincial government in its Punjab ECE Policy 2017.
In terms of practice, when examined independently, ECSEs provided significantly higher quality emotional support and classroom organization than their ECE counterparts, which aligns with earlier work that found practice in inclusive classrooms was typically of higher quality (e.g., Hestenes et al, 2008; Jeon et al, 2010).
As a parent, the safety and quality of the ECE centers became an important matter that affects their psychological well-being, management of work/family demands, and continuity of employment (Meyers and Jordan, 2006).
Formost states, ECE systems reform initiatives are currently focused on creating linkages between preschool/pre-K programs and kindergartens, as kindergarten is traditionally the first year of public schooling, although attendance in kindergarten is only mandatory in 15 states (Education Commission of the States, 2016).
Esta figura del ECE no estaba contemplada en los inicios de la discusion parlamentaria, pues fue rechazada en primera instancia en favor de la presencia exclusiva del comite de convivencia.
ISLAMABAD -- Plan International feels privileged to be part of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) initiatives along with School Education Department (SED), Government of Punjab.