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a hand shovel carried by infantrymen for digging trenches

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The e-Tool Kit is easily updateable, and key text and diagrams now link directly to cited policy, related communities of practice, and comprehensive ACQuipedia articles.
The following paragraphs provide a different angle towards encouraging uptake of e-tool support.
I held the E-tool down out of sight and leaned against the off-side of the jeep.
Carnival's new group e-tool allows agents to perform functions quickly and efficiently online in lieu of using a phone.
The Enterprise Club has given them access to a range of support services one of which is the opportunity to buy a high quality low-cost e-tool to build a website www.lens-art-ltd.co.uk They were able to access funding for promotional activities from the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programme managed by the city council.
This e-tool provides an additional way to look for premises or sites for those businesses with internet access.
This online resource includes links to an e-tool for restaurant workers' safety and a State-by-State breakdown of child labor laws.
The FirstStep Employment Law Advisor is a new e-tool available at www.dol.gov/elaws that helps employers determine which laws administered by the DOL apply to their business or organization and provides easy-to-access information on how to comply with the laws' requirements.
* "Business Compliance One-Stop," which are interactive tools to access a federal employer identification number (EIN) e-application, an I-9 employment eligibility verification form wizard, an alien employee visa classification wizard, the OSHA emergency evacuation procedures e-tool, a "start-up advisor," first step employment law advisor, the Department of Labor's Employment Law Guide, the IRS' "Virtual Small Business Workshop," the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) motor vehicle waste disposal wells advisor, and the EPA's auto dismantler and recycler environmental audit advisor; and
Since I likely will be camping, I included a Glock E-tool and a Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe.
The e-tool also displays error logs and wrapper status such as settings, temperatures, and usage rates.
Small- to mid-sized business owners in the market to sell their business can post a listing on the buy/sell e-tool by registering online.
The theme was "E-Tools: A Technology Briefing." The event featured a keynote address by Jose-Marie Griffiths, chief information officer at the University of Michigan, and e-tool briefings on data mining and search engines, data protection, digital libraries, and government information.
Indianapolis-based RealMed offers an e-tool for health-care providers, streamlining current methods of claims processing and payment by providing resolution of claims at the point of care.