Escherichia coli

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a species of bacterium normally present in intestinal tract of humans and other animals


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The study showed that 97 per cent of the samples contained unidentified bacteria, while 63 per cent contained shigella, 30 per cent had E-coli and 10 per cent had salmonella.
He said: "In Ireland, no cases of human illness associated with this strain of E-coli have been found.
an E-Coli outbreak in the past two months and thousands have needed treatment.
He said: "The E-coli crisis has affected many growers across Europe.
As far as other vegetables are concerned, importers have to produce safety certificates, which specify that they are free from e-coli bacteria and other related health hazards.
The World Health Organisation reported an updated total of 2,086 cases of E-coli in Germany and 722 cases of the serious complication known as HUS.
The World Health Organisation have reported a total of 2,086 cases of E-coli in Germany and 722 cases of the serious complication known as HUS, with 26 fatalities.
An urgent review is long overdue and I am calling on the government to set up a review before we have another outbreak of e-coli.
Staff failed to take a urine sample, which should have been the normal procedure when a child was brought in with E-coli.
HEALTH inspectors confiscated more than 100 packets of suspect cookie dough from various supermarkets yesterday, as they stepped checks for E-coli contamination.
ONCE again we are faced with the possibility of a major outbreak of the deadly E-coli virus.
OB) , a nanotechnology development company that develops instruments and sensors to detect malicious agents in food and water, announced today that it has completed a preliminary market assessment of the Company's biosensensor that detects e-coli in food and water.
AGUA DULCE - A ``boil water'' order for residents of the Sierra Paloma Valley housing development in Agua Dulce has been lifted after test results came back negative for the E-coli virus.
At 3am the next morning, June 11, 2002, she began to suffer the first symptoms of what was eventually diagnosed as the lethal E-coli 0157 bacteria (right) - the same poisonous bug that had killed 21 people in Scotland in November 1996.
E-coli 0157 hit the headlines in the UK in November 1996, when an outbreak of food poisoning resulted in illness in over 400 people, 24 of whom died.