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someone whose job is to dye cloth

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In 1660, the same year in which Mary Dyer was executed," said he, "Charles II.
There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others.
He was a dyer, who in the course of dipping homespun wool and old women's petticoats had got fired with the ambition to learn a great deal more about the strange secrets of colour.
The Dyers have since moved out of the North East to start a new life.
com/reports/c21785) has announced the addition of Dyers & Finishers - Business Ratio Report 2005 to their offering.
You are hereby notified that the law firm of Dyer & Shuman, LLP, and its co-counsel, filed a class action lawsuit on July 25, 2001, on behalf of purchasers of the securities of Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.