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United States tennis player who donated the Davis Cup for international team tennis competition (1879-1945)

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Leonard Wood; and 'Premier of the Tennis Cabinet,' under the terms of Governors Henry Stimson (1927-1929) and Dwight Davis (1929-1932), the latter famous for the annual Davis Cup tennis tournament.
(6) GCM 168928, supra note 3, Letter from Dwight Davis, Secretary of War, to President Calvin Coolidge 1, Examination of Lieut.
"Vin Rose OK as Wine Type," that is, the words can be used without further description, such as "a pink wine." This as per a ruling by Dwight Davis, director of ATTD.
"We are showcasing our brand-new FLO series of low odor, low viscosity inks," said Dwight Davis, president of Deco-Chem.
eWHAT is the middle name of Dwight Davis, the man who started tennis's Davis Cup?
Secretary of War Best known for his namesake, tennis' Davis Cup, Dwight Davis served as secretary of war (1925-29), a position in which he promoted industrial mobilization, military aviation and armored warfare.
SUMMIT STRATEGIES analyst Dwight Davis on the impact of the Microsoft acquisition on other accounting software companies: "They're not going to be sleeping too well tonight.
* Dwight Davis, president and COO of Wausau Insurance Cos.;
Shreve, Crump & Lowe was commissioned by Dwight Davis to create the first Davis Cup 100 years ago, to be given to the winner of the first international tennis tournament between the United States and Britain.
Paul explains: "Back in the '20s, millionaire Dwight Davis, the vice president of the U.S.
Awards: Hollis McGuire, Patrick Closson, Robin Dewey, Larry Haynes, Nichole Raftopoulos, Phillip Emma, Dwight Davis, Michael Peterson, Stephen Caroselli, David Worthen, Diane Fitzpatrick, Helene Mogridge, Richard Greenwald and Dave Harrold.
Governor General Leonard Wood was the first to hold office in Malacanan while Governor General Dwight Davis extensively rebuilt the palace.
"RxResults has had the benefit of exclusivity for 8 years and it hasn't helped them or us," Dwight Davis, the director of EBRx, said in an email on April 7.
Dwight Davis, the Harvard University student and member of the first U.S.
'One element of security is just the integrity of Microsoft's Web sites where a lot of this information is stored,' said Dwight Davis of market research firm Summit Strategies.